0404 John Kerry Fundraiser in WDC

040407aa_The H'or D'orvres
040407aa_The H'or D'orvres.JPG
040407ab_The H'or D'orvres
040407ab_The H'or D'orvres.JPG
040407ac_The Booze
040407ac_The Booze.JPG
040407ad_The Band
040407ad_The Band.JPG
040407af_The Press
040407af_The Press.JPG
040407ag_The People
040407ag_The People.JPG
040407ah_A Bored Soundman
040407ah_A Bored Soundman.JPG
040407ai_A Bored Cameraman
040407ai_A Bored Cameraman.JPG
040407aj_A Segway Rider
040407aj_A Segway Rider.JPG
040407ak_Cameramen in Waiting
040407ak_Cameramen in Waiting.JPG
040407al_Lea, Lisa, and friend
040407al_Lea, Lisa, and friend.JPG
040407am_Cameraman in Waiting
040407am_Cameraman in Waiting.JPG
040407an_Lea and Dave
040407an_Lea and Dave.JPG
040407ao_Lea and Dave
040407ao_Lea and Dave.JPG
040407ap_Cameraman in Waiting
040407ap_Cameraman in Waiting.JPG
040407aq_Cameramen at the ready
040407aq_Cameramen at the ready.JPG
040407ar_Jim Farmer (Treasurer)
040407ar_Jim Farmer (Treasurer).JPG
040407as_Ted Kennedy
040407as_Ted Kennedy.JPG
040407at_Ted Kennedy
040407at_Ted Kennedy.JPG