1212 NCDEMs Christmas party

121130aa+The parking lights are ready
121130aa+The parking lights are ready.jpg
121130af+The parking lights are ready
121130af+The parking lights are ready.jpg
121130al+The parking lights are ready
121130al+The parking lights are ready.jpg
121130aq+The parking lights are ready
121130aq+The parking lights are ready.jpg
121201aa+The livingroom is ready
121201aa+The livingroom is ready.jpg
121201ae+The parking lights are ready
121201ae+The parking lights are ready.jpg
121201ak+The livingroom is ready
121201ak+The livingroom is ready.jpg
121201an+The Christmas tree is ready
121201an+The Christmas tree is ready.jpg
121201ar+The livingroom is ready
121201ar+The livingroom is ready.jpg
121201av NCDEMs Christmas party
121201av NCDEMs Christmas party.JPG
121201aw NCDEMs Christmas party (Kaye Crabill)
121201aw NCDEMs Christmas party (Kaye Crabill).JPG
121201ax+NCDEMs Christmas party
121201ax+NCDEMs Christmas party.jpg
121201bb The always handsome David Snyder
121201bb The always handsome David Snyder.JPG
121201bd+NCDEMs Christmas party
121201bd+NCDEMs Christmas party.jpg
121202aa An unintended roadway
121202aa An unintended roadway.JPG
121202ab An unintended roadway
121202ab An unintended roadway.JPG
121202ac An unintended roadway
121202ac An unintended roadway.JPG
121202ad An unintended roadway
121202ad An unintended roadway.JPG