from Connie Miller

080704aa Veterans
080704aa Veterans.jpg
080704ab Kids
080704ab Kids.jpg
080704ac Larry Saunders
080704ac Larry Saunders.jpg
080704ad Nelson County Democrats
080704ad Nelson County Democrats.jpg
080704ae Nelson County Democrats Banner
080704ae Nelson County Democrats Banner.jpg
080704af Delores
080704af Delores.jpg
080704ag Tom Proulx and Chapin Wilson
080704ag Tom Proulx and Chapin Wilson.jpg
080704ah Bernie McGinnis and Chapin Wilson
080704ah Bernie McGinnis and Chapin Wilson.jpg
080704ai Saunders Bros. group
080704ai Saunders Bros. group.jpg
080704aj A fine old car
080704aj A fine old car.jpg
080704ak D.A.R.E.
080704ak D.A.R.E..jpg
080704al The parade route
080704al The parade route.jpg
080704am The parade route
080704am The parade route.jpg
080704an The parade route
080704an The parade route.jpg
080704ao The parade route
080704ao The parade route.jpg
080704ap Delores
080704ap Delores.jpg
080704aq The parade route
080704aq The parade route.jpg
080704ar Miss Nelson County
080704ar Miss Nelson County.jpg
080704as Walkers in the parade
080704as Walkers in the parade.jpg
080704at Thank you for coming!
080704at Thank you for coming!.jpg